5 minute challenge: upscale and colorize photos

Say, you have low-res black and white images. Let's breathe life into them

  1. Go to https://app.scade.pro/flow/ and click the New flow button and then choose Start with blank

  1. There will already be Start end End nodes on the canvas. Place everything else between them. Go to the Settings of the Start Node Form and click Configure fields to start adding your data

  1. Add one field, call it, for example, image, and change the input type to String/URI to make it suitable for storing files. Click Save

  1. Upload your black and white image. You can get our example file here

  1. After uploading the file, execute the node. This action will generate a named output, and we need it to move further

  1. There is a tried and tested model that restores and enhances old photos — GfpGAN. Use the search panel on the left: type gfpgan and drag the model to your workspace. However, if you're feeling adventurous, you can try any other similar models: just type in something akin to "restore", "upscale" or "enhance" and pick whatever you like

  1. Connect the image output of the Start node with the img input of the GfpGAN and execute the latter node

  1. We can see that both resolution and quality of our image have increased greatly. Let's add some colors. Use the search panel again, type, for example, colorization. Let's try the Bigcolor model, drag it to your workspace

  1. You know the drill: connect the GfpGAN's output with the Bigcolor's image input and execute the latter node

  1. Now we have several colorized images in the Bigcolor node. You can download them using the control that appears when you hover over the image. Don't forget to save files that you like!

  1. Our End node is left unused. It's a good practice to have the Start and End nodes if you want to execute your workflow via API calls, but for now let's simply remove it. Click on the node and hit delete or backspace on your keyboard

  1. Once you have your flow built, you don't need to run nodes one by one anymore. Change data in your Start node and hit the Play button on the top panel to execute the entire workflow. Have fun!

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